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  • Forthcoming: The Monk, the Nun, and the Curriculum: Tensions and Transformations of Monastic Education in Modern Bhutan.

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  • Upcoming: 2022 International Association of Tibetan Studies (IATS). Presenting the paper “Divergent Lives, Convergent Paths: The Stories and Struggles of Four Contemporary Nuns in Bhutan.” Prague, July 3-9, 2022.
  • 2021 American Academy of Religion (AAR). Organizer and Presider of the panel “Rethinking the Curriculum: The Weight of Tradition, Secular Pressures, and Gender Inequality in Buddhist Monastic Education in the Himalayas”. San Antonio, November 18-21. My colleague presented part of our current research project as part of the panel, focusing on female monastic education in Bhutan.
  • 2019 International Association of Tibetan Studies (IATS) in Paris July 7-13. Presenting the paper with my colleague Prof. Dorji Gyeltshen (from the Jigme Singye Wangchuck School of Law) “Monastic Education in Bhutan: Tradition and Transformations in the 21st Century.”
  • 2019 Woodenfish Conference “Monasticism and Monastic Codes Across the Buddhist World,” Presenting the paper “The Silent Revolution: the Transformation of Female Monastic Education in Bhutan.” June 22-24 in Chongde Temple, Shangyi, P.R.C.
  • 2018 American Academy of Religion. Presenting the paper “Continuities and Discontinuities in Buddhist Meditation: Definition, Classification, and the Role of Doxographies in the Construction of the Buddhist tradition in 10th century Tibet,” Denver November 17-20.
  • 2018 ASIANetwork Conference. Presenting the paper “Lost in Meditation: Recontextualizing Meditation in the Classroom” in the Panel “Minds and Mindfulness,” Philadelphia April 6-8.
  • 2018 Popular Culture Association Conference. Presenting the paper “Filling the Vacuum: New Religious Movements and the search for meaning in HBO The Leftovers,” as part of the panel “Representing Religions,” Indianapolis March 28-31.
  • 2017 American Academy of Religion, “Looking for God on TV: Conversation with Reza Aslan about Religion in The Leftovers.” Organizer and moderator of a discussion on religion in popular culture. Boston, November 18-21.
  • 2017 NEH Summer Institute “Islam in Asia: Traditions and Transformations,” June 12 – July 7, 2017.
  • 2017 ASIANetwork Conference. Participant in the Panel “Global Cities, Local Memories in Japan,” Chicago April 7-9.
  • 2016 Invited to participate in the ASIANetwork Faculty Enhancement Program (ANFEP) Japan Seminar “Global Cities, Local Memories in Japan”June 9– June 30, 2016, directed by Prof. Ann Sherif, East Asian Studies Program, Oberlin College and Prof. Wendy Kozol, Comparative American Studies Program, Oberlin College. The seminar explored Japan’s ghosts of imperialism and militarism in relation to the lived experiences of “history and memory” as embodied by the nation’s major cities and visual cultures today.
  • 2015 Invited to present the talk From Suffering to Happiness: Buddhism and its Transformations in the West,” at the South Asia’s Fall Lecture Series at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on October 8th
  • 2015 Invited to participate in the Wabash Workshop “Teaching Theology and Religion in the Twenty-First Century” at the University of Virginia, June 27-28.
  • 2015 Invited to present at the Harvard Buddhist Studies Forum, April 6, 2015, Cambridge, Massachusetts. A Light in the Darkness: Meditation and the Construction of Tibetan Buddhism in 10th Century Tibet
  • 2014 Buddhist Studies Graduate Conference at the University of Virginia, Feb. 28 – Mar. 02 Charlottesville ,VA. “Different Paths, Different Destinations: Contemplative Practices in 10th Century Tibet.”
  • 2013 IATS (International Association of Tibetan Studies) in Mongolia, July 21-27 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia “The Great Perfection Tradition: A Tibetan Response to Indian Tantric Theory and Practice.”
  • Graduate Student Conference in Buddhist Studies, University of Virginia Sept. 14-16, 2012. Moderator of the panel “Teaching Buddhism Today: Contemplative Techniques for the Classroom.”
  • American Academy of Religion 2011 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California, November 19-22. Presented the paper Bringing New Light to Tibet’s Dark Age: The Lamp for the Eye in Meditation and the Tibetan Assimilation of Buddhism.
  • Buddhist Studies Group at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, November 11, 2011. Presented the paper Re-examining the Textual World of Nupchen Sangye Yeshe’s The Lamp for the Eye in Meditation.
  • 2010 IATS (International Association of Tibetan Studies) in Vancouver, British Columbia, August 15-22, 2010. Chair of the Panel Society and Community.
  • SIT Study Abroad’s Annual International Workshop, Accra, Ghana, August 2008. Delivered the talk: Study Abroad and the Ethics of Reciprocity.

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